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borobudur parangtritis


We rent cars + driver, motorcycles and bicycles.
We can also offer an English speaking guide to accompany you.

Of course you can compose your own tour and we are happy to assist.

As an extra service for our guests, Villa Pondok Terra arranges rental of cars/motor cycles and bicycles and offers a selection of tours.

  • Historic tour: Sultan Palace, Water Castle, Bird Market, Alun-Alun (afternoon, becak)

  • Handicraft tour: Krebet (Leather & batik), Kasongan (Art) (afternoon)

  • Batik Tour: Batik galleries and self practice (becak)

  • Temple tour:
    Candi Prambanan & Candi Boko (morning)

  • Mountain Merapi / Lava tour (morning)

  • Mountain view (Ketep) & Borobudor (Temple) (morning).
  • Temple tour: (Prambanan, Borubudur, Pawon and Mendut)
  • Exotic temple tour: Dieng Plateau
  • Beach sightseeing: Parangtritis, Barong, Krakal & Kukup
  • Handicraft tour: Kota Gedeh, Krebet (Leather & batik), Kasongan (Art) (afternoon)

  • Indonesian Shopping Tour: Malioboro, Beringarjo market, Klithikan market (second hand), Kasongan (handicraft), Manding market (leather)
  • Western Shopping Tour: Shopping Malls: Malioboro, Saphir, Amplaz and Galeria

Experience Yogyakarta

  • Day 1: Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut  Temples

  • Day 2: Visit to Sultan Palace & Water Castle, Bird  Market and Prambanan Temple

  • Day 3: Visit to Silver home industry, Kasongan (Art Village) , Leather handycraft (Krebet Village), Mallioboro